Project:      Coater Control System Upgrade

Client:      Engelhard Corporation - Huntsville, AL


Project description:

The MCC4’s are Engelhard’s main production machines and there are several of these at the Huntsville site.  The machine performs high-volume coating operations for catalytic converter substrates.  One of their earlier versions utilized the now-obsolete Siemens S5 controls system. C&E Design was tasked with building a new control system using the current Siemens S7 PLC platform, modeled after the company's newer existing machines.

The project involved building five large equipment enclosures containing PLC’s, servo controls, VF drives, robot controls, gas-train controls and load cell controller equipment. We were required to re-work the existing pneumatic manifold system, valves and pneumatic tubing that supply air to most of the machine’s moving elements, approximately 120 valves and cylinders all with position feedback.


C&E Design Services scope: