Project:     G.E. Company Fluoride Lagoons Dewatering System

Client:     Cornerstone Engineering Group – Decatur, AL for G.E. Company – Wilmington, NC


Project description:

A new dewatering system for the fluoride lagoons is installed at General Electric’s Wilmington, NC facility. The system pumps radioactive waste materials from the holding lagoons. The materials are then processed through various reactive steps leading to a final operation in a filter press system. In this way, solid waste materials are removed and the excess water is pumped back to the lagoons.

The reactive portion of the process is controlled by a single G.E. 90-30 PLC system utilizing the 351CPU and approximately 500 I/O points. This 90-30 PLC system is networked with a separate PLC for the two filter press units. The system is configured with one large PLC & I/O rack and six operator interface panels.


C&E Design Services scope: