Project:      Abu Atwa Pumping Station Mods - Canal Cities Water & Wastewater Project, Ismailia, Egypt

Client:      Intertec Projects, Inc.


Project description:

A major renovation of the Abu Atwa Sewage Pumping Station at Ismailia, Egypt was undertaken. Various components of the existing 11KV substation powering the plant were replaced, including the primary and secondary feeder cables. Likewise, repairs to the existing 3300V motor controls centers were accomplished. An existing automatic level control system was removed and replaced. The new automatic level control system consisted of two Allen-Bradley SLC-5/03 programmable controllers configured in a "hot-backup" redundant configuration, new bubbler systems for each wetwell and various associated instrumentation. The new system was retrofitted into the existing control console and motor control centers.


C&E Design Services scope: