Project:      Port Said Co-Composting Facility, Port Said, Egypt

Client:     Intertec Projects, Inc.


Project description:

A new Co-Composting facility was designed and constructed in Port Said, Egypt, to process a mixture of municipal solid waste (MSW) and sludge. The process utilizes a series of approximately 20 belt- and drag-type conveyors. The major component in the process is the rotary drum unit and itís associated equipment. The drum equipment is powered by a large hydraulic power system. The hydraulic system utilizes four 100HP hydraulic pump / motors and a number of smaller drives. There are a approximately 50 motors for the plant.A new motor control center and control system cabinet were installed in the plant control center. The new automatic plant control system consists of an Allen-Bradley SLC-5/03 programmable controller, Allen-Bradley PanelView operator interface and a custom graphic indicator panel for displaying major equipment status.


C&E Design Services scope: